Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Essence 'Effect Nail Polish' - Glitz and Glam {Swaches & Review}


Today I have a pretty little polish from essence cosmetics to show you all!

Glitz and Glam is a 'glitter jewels' polish from the new essence effect nail polish range; it is a clear based polish with pink metallic hexes and an intense green shimmer.

I layered one coat of Glitz and Glam over two coats of essence Colour and Go 'Grey to be Here'. One coat was enough for a good and even glitter coverage and a nice amount of shimmer.

Some of the pink hexes look slightly curved on the nail, but they actually sit flat on the nail. The formula is nice, not too think not to thin; its easy to get a nice even coat and it dries smooth (and pretty quickly too!)

I actually liked this polish a lot more than I thought I would, I don't usually gravitate toward heavy shimmer and glitter combo polishes; but on the nail this polish is really nice! And layering it over a nice light grey gives it a more subtle look, even though the shimmer still shines like crazy (see photo below! The shimmer actually leans a bit more green than pictured).

What do you think of this polish? Do you like the look of a heavy shimmer/glitter combo?

Thank for reading!


  1. I haven't picked this one up, but I quite like how it looks over a grey base! Grey-t to be Here is one of my favourite greys to use :)

    1. It is a great grey, not too light not too dark, and has a pretty shimmer!

  2. It looks nice! I think I have this lying around but I haven't used it yet!

    1. If you ever feel like a bit of shimmer this is the polish to choose! :)