Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Emily de Molly - Oceanic Forces {Swatches & Review}

Hello lovely Readers!

Today I have an absolutely gorgeous polish from my favourite indie brand to show you! Yep, another polish from Emily de Molly, she's just too talented!

'Oceanic Forces' is one of three polishes from the 'Forces' trio from Emily de Molly, which also consists of purple and black jelly based polishes with the same glitters in purple (in the purple base) and silver (in the black base).

Oceanic Forces is a deep teal jelly base with small holographic teal circle and hex glitter and some large circle glitter as well. The glitter ratio is spot on, an even coverage on the nail with each coat. The large glitters take a little bit of fishing for though, I sat the bottle upside down for 10 minutes while I prepped my nails which helped some of the big glitters come to the surface.

The below photo shows two coats of Oceanic Forces with three coats of topcoat.

The formula was great, even coverage and opaque in just two coats. The jelly base is really squishy looking, and has a great depth. As with most glitter polishes, this one dries a little bumpy, the large glitters can also stick up a teeny weeny bit. This is easily fixed though with a few coats of topcoat, I used two coats of essence 'Gel Look Top Coat' and a coat of Essie 'To Dry For'.

The wear on this polish has been pretty good for me, I've been wearing it since Friday and only have two tiny chips on my index fingers!

Now lets take a closer look at the amazing glitter and jelly goodness of Oceanic Forces....

Ah it's love!! If you love teal, glitter and jelly this polish is for you!

Check out Emily de Molly's store for purchasing and stockist info, but be quick, the store will be closed for a few months from 5/5/14 as Hayley is expecting her first baby!

What do you think of this polish? Do you like the large circle glitter?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the complex jellies Emily de Molly creates! You've captured this one beautifully :)

    1. They certainly do have an amazing jelly texture, so much depth! Thank you :)