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Gelicious Gel Polish System - 'Hit the Gym' {Swatches & Review}

Hello! Long time no post.....

Sorry for the lateness of this post....All throughout May I was house sitting with my boyfriend while his parents were overseas, now I'm house sitting again for the whole of June! The only down side is there is no internet in the house we are in at the moment :( I'll have to go home to be able to upload my posts.

Anyway, on to the polish....Gelicious recently had a massive sale; I couldn't pass up a 40% off sale and you got a free polish if you bought three or more, needless to say that's an amazing deal. They have some lovely colours and I've been wanting a bright fire truck red for a while now, which 'Hit the Gym' certainly is.

To use Gelicious gel polish you'll need an LED curing lamp, I purchased mine from Gelicious back in January when they had another amazing sale (yep, they have a lot of sales). The base coat in the Gelicious polish system is optional, but for an amazing finish and shine you'll need to use a clear gel top coat (I used the Gelicious top coat).


Before you apply your gel polish you need to prep your nails; file and shape your nails and gently push back your cuticles. Rub over your nails with nail polish remover to remove any dirt and oils, Gelicious recommend you lightly buff your nails to remove the last traces of oil and create a good base for the gel polish to stick too (I skipped the buffing stop, oops! I actually couldn't find my nail buffer anywhere).

Now your nails are prepped it's time to apply the polish. Apply a thin and even coat of gel polish to each nail, the coats must be thin or you may end up with uneven and chunky polish that is likely to lift at the edges (trust me, the first time I tried gel polish my coats were too thick and it lifted up along the edges of my nails the next day, it was petty un even too). Cure each coat for 30 seconds and finish with an even coat of topcoat. Wipe over each nail with some nail polish remover to remove the sticky residue and you should be left with shiny and dry gel polish.

I found that 'Hit the Gym' was pretty easy to apply, the ticker consistency of gel polish means that it was easier to get a thin coat with out flooding your cuticles or getting too much on your skin. If a little bit of the polish got on my skin, I found it easy enough to scrape it off with a toothpick.

'Hit the Gym' is a fabulous colour and only required two coats to become opaque. It's the perfect classic red.

Wear time:

Gelicious say that their gel polish should last up to 10 days without chipping. My Gelicious lasted 4 days chip free, which is a lot longer than my regular nail polish would last. A normal nail polish manicure would usually last about 1-2 days on my nails without any chips. The chipping wasn't major, it started with some very minor tip ware then I got some tiny little chips. On day 5 the gel polish began lifting along the edges on some of my nails and kept getting caught on things :/ I decided that it was time to take it off. I have heard that if you have naturally oily nails, gel polish may not last as long and start to peel off, I'm not sure if this is the reason my gel polish peels off as it doesn't have a very good base to sick on.

Day 4 - Slight tip wear

Day 4 - Slight tip wear


 To remove gel nail polish you need to soak your nails in nail polish remover for about 10 minutes. I decided to use the foil method to remove my gels to hopefully reduce wastage of the remover and I think it's a lot more practical than sitting my nails in a tub for 10 minutes. I just soaked some cotton balls in remover, pressed them onto my nails and secured with foil. After about 5 or so minutes I removed the foil, most of the polish had come off and what was left on my nails I just gently scraped off with a orange stick. Removal was one of the reasons I have been reluctant to use gel polish regularly, but it was actually a lot easier and less time consuming than I thought!

My Thoughts:

Overall I really like the Gelicious gel polish system. The polish is easy to apply and only requires a very short cure time. The fact that you don't need a base coat also means that there is less steps involved and off course less money you need to spend on another polish. The polish lasted well, not as long as I'd like but I did get a few days of perfect shiny gel polish. I'd definitely use it again, well I have been using it on my toes...and the polish lasts about 3 weeks with no chips or peeling, so I know it works!

What do you think of the Gelicious Gel Nail Polish System?

Thanks for reading!

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